Why Advertise in Motorsports?

Motorsports advertising provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to interact with a targeted audience, and NASCAR is the most popular form of automobile racing in the US. It stretches across all market segments and demographics.

Race fans are a loyal market. They are loyal to their favorite race team, and as a result they are loyal to the brands advertised on their favorite teams car. In fact, studies have shown that motorsports fans are three times more likely than other sports fans to purchase goods or services of sponsors.

The visual appeal of motorsports is high. Fans are captivated by the visual impact of the sport, and of course the cars are at the center of that visual field. Advertising on a race car provides an strong opportunity for focused and repeated exposure to a brand name.

Liberman Racing provides a concentrated local opportunity for advertisers. We compete at NASCAR sanctioned tracks, and our race car looks very similar to the cars seen on TV. This provides the audience with a greater level of familiarity that other types of racing cars. We also offer a show car on which sponsors can advertise. The show car is an actual race car, and can be used for display or on-track promotional activities.

Types of Sponsorships:

Sponsor Name on Car

Sponsor Name on Trailer

Sponsor Name on Driver Uniform

Sponsor Name on Crew Uniforms

Title Sponsor

Handouts at Track

Banner in Pit Area

Ad in Track Program


Use of race car in Sponsor’s Advertising Campaign

Sponsors can also increase exposure by advertising on the show car with added benefits of utilizing the show car and driver appearances at promotional events, local parades, or even on sponsor’s place of business.

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